The Scharbiellie culture house - Museum

The Scharbiellie culture house has the permanent collection of Oceanic art of honory notory Paul Simpelaere (1906-2006) from De Panne. The municipality of De Panne got this unique and fascinating collection as a long-term loan in the year 2000.

From 2014 this unique and fascinating collection has been given on loan to the municipality of De Panne, a renewed presentation which can be admired once again in culture house De Scharbiellie. Culture house De Scharbiellie also has temporary exhibits.

Furthermore The Scharbiellie culture house is near the following sights: Nature reserve De Westhoek (±750 m), Royal Sand Yacht Club (±1,1 km), Museum Paul Delvaux (±1,6 km), Plopsaqua (±1,6 km) & Plopsaland (±1,9 km).

For information:

Cultuurhuis De Scharbiellie
Kasteelstraat 34, De Panne
tel. +32 584 297 53