Cycling in Oostduinkerke

Oostduinkerke is a quiet coastal town at the Belgian coast in the midst of 240 acres of dunes. This dune area is a protected natural reserve. Oostduinkerke is one of the best destinations along the Belgian coast because of the elongated natural reserve area combined with the cultural activities. With the help of the numbered crossing, one can always find its way in both directions.

Many bicycle paths and coastal roads

Cycling in Oostduinkerke

Oostduinkerke is for the most holiday guests sun, sea and beach. But there is a lot more have to offer, a lot more, many pleasant kilometres more.

The many cycle-tracks and the rural roads offer you a varied view that is uncommon. The coastal-tracks through the dunes, the peaceful country roads through the countryside, the characteristic peaceful villages and the long extensive cycle-tracks. A safe and ideal environment to enjoy, by yourself or with the whole family. In short; There is a lot to discover in and around by bicycle.

Cycle routes

Cycling in Oostduinkerke

Belgium has created a network of over 2,000 kilometers of bicycle routes. Most routes are only available in the Dutch language. You can acquire local bike guides and bike routes at the local tourist information center, local bike rental shops or online.

Bike Rental

Do you want to make a cycling-tour during your holiday or do you want to have a bicycle at your holiday residence? Than you can go to many places for a good rental bike. For bike rentals in Oostduinkerke, we recommend the following companies:


Zeedijk 451, Oostduinkerke
tel. +32 585 212 42 
web. Website

Storme Bikes

Zeedijk 430, Oostduinkerke
tel. +32 585 161 02 
web. Website

Vanneuville Wielersport

Albert I laan 107, Oostduinkerke
tel. +32 585 171 05 
web. Website