Scharbiellie culture house - Museum

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A unique cultural destination that combines art, history, and heritage in a beautiful setting.

What to Expect at Scharbiellie culture house?

Discover the Art and History of De Panne

Scharbiellie culture houseis not just a museum; it is a dynamic meeting place for art enthusiasts, history buffs, and anyone interested in the cultural richness of De Panne.

Furthermore Scharbiellie culture house is near the following sights: Nature reserve De Westhoek (±750 m), Royal Sand Yacht Club (±1,1 km), Museum Paul Delvaux (±1,6 km), Plopsaqua (±1,6 km) & Plopsaland (±1,9 km).

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Kasteelstraat 34, De Panne
tel. +32 584 297 53 
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